Avemar - a functional food with proven anti-cancer effect

Kenner D (2006): Avemar – a functional food with proven anti-cancer effect. Townsend Letter. August/September issue:96-100.

Avemar is concentrated and extracted from fermented wheat germ via a patented process and has been shown in cell, animal, and human clinical studies to have potent anti-cancer and immune system-modulating effects. Extensive published research supports the use of Avemar both as a medicament in its own right and as an adjuvant to conventional cancer therapy. (1-3) Avemar has proven effective against all cancer cell lines tested, including breast, prostate, lung, pancreatic, lymphoma, and leukemia. It has been shown to have both cancer-preventive and anti-metastatic properties in animal studies and has demonstrated highly significant therapeutic effects in controlled human trials against primary colorectal cancer, Stage III melanoma, and Stages III and IV oral cancer.
Avemar also has been shown to reduce side effects of conventional cytotoxic cancer therapy, such as suppression of immune function, and to improve quality of life in cancer patients. Developed in Hungary and widely used throughout Europe and parts of the Middle East and Asia, Avemar is newly available in the United States and now rapidly gaining wider use following its recent GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) designation.

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