Scientific background

Since the discovery of Avemar pulvis, the active ingredient of Avemar, 14 years of scientific studies have been completed to support its safety and effectiveness, including in vitro, in vivo and other clinical researches. Those years have provided consistent studies supporting Avemar’s ability to promote a better quality of life and maintain a healthy lifestyle in cancer patients undergoing clinical oncological treatments, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Avemar has been the subject of many scientific studies and PubMed publications.

The Avemar Research Program has been funded by many government organizations such as: The Ministry of Education, Biotechnology and OTKA [Scientific Research Foundation] in Hungary. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Science and Technology in Spain. The UCLA, General Clinical Research Center and Clinical Nutrition Research Unit in the US. Inco-Copernicus from the European Union and The Scientific Program, NATO.

More than 100 published papers have reviewed the clinical and experimental results obtained with this extract and have also been published in prestigious journals. In vitro studies of cell cultures, animal studies and clinical trials with over 1200 people to date, have been undertaken in Hungary, Israel, Spain, Italy, Russia, the US and Australia to name a few.

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