The cancer miracle that leaves healthy cells healthy

Wright KM (2005): Is it really from heaven above? The cancer miracle that leaves healthy cells healthy. HSI Health Sciences Institute. December issue. (4 pages).

Cancer treatment has come a long way since the use of mustard gas derivatives in the early 1900s—or has it? When doctors discovered during WorldWar I that mustard gas destroyed bone marrow, they began to experiment with it as a way to kill cancer cells. Although they had little success with the mustard gas, it did pave the way for modern chemotherapy—which involves the most toxic and poisonous substances anyone deliberately puts in his body. These treatments kill much more than cancer cells— they have a devastating effect even on healthy ones. Sometimes it seems as if only a miracle could provide a cure that’s both safe and effective. And a miracle is just what Dr. Mate Hidvegi believed he found when he patented Avemar, a fermented wheat germ extract. Studies have shown that Avemar reduces cancer recurrence, cuts off the cancer cells’ energy supply, speeds cancer cell death, and helps the immune system identify cancer cells for attack.

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