The fermented wheat germ containing product enhances quality of life for patients with lung cancer

Hidvégi M, Moldvay J, Lapis K, Ajkay Z (2003): Fermentált búzacsíra tartalmú készítmény alkalmazásakor javul a tüdőrákos betegek életminősége. Medicus Anonymus (Pulmono). 1:13-4.

The quality of life of lung-cancer patients also afflicted with metastases is extremely poor, adversely affecting the efficiency of therapy as well as long-term survival. It is therefore particularly important to enhance the quality of life of these patients. Experiments have proven that Avemar, an oral product made from fermented wheat germ, has extremely powerful immune-modulation as well as tumour-inhibition effects. An open “pilot” clinical experiment has therefore been carried out in order to clarify whether this product may be suitable for the supportive treatment of lung-cancer patients. The investigation involved sixteen patients (8 women and 8 men) with lung cancer as confirmed by cytology and histology (7 with small-cell cancer, 9 with adenocarcinoma). Besides receiving standard oncotherapy treatments, the patients also took Avemar once a day throughout the whole treatment period. The average time period the product was taken was therefore 8 ± 2 months. Patients were monitored based on point by point answers given to questions on the questionnaire EORTC QLQ-C30 in order to assess their quality of life and related changes occurring. The survey was carried out at the beginning of the treatment and once every 12 weeks following continuous ingestion of Avemar. According to statistical analysis of the answers, a significant enhancement was observed in both the overall state of health and social viability of these patients, and their tendency to fatigue was also reduced considerably. There was also an improvement with regard to pains, lack of appetite and emotional state.

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